Just around the corner..

Today I want to talk and a bit advertise as well a 2 week adventure that maybe YOU are on of those who will be attending it! Riga Summer School is an academic summer programm where different, amazing, very interesting students from all around the world come to Riga [Latvia] and produces a short documentary! … Continue reading Just around the corner..



Hello and Happy [a little] belated Easter! I am really busy at this time of the year and obviously you have to know how to relax as well. So I have been and will be doing it the best way I can – stay at home, get comfy and put on some movies. That is … Continue reading MOVIE MONDAY SPECIAL

Shopping Trip

I don't always go through with the New Year's resolutions, but I did make one that I really intend to keep this time: This resolution is about making myself to get my lazy a$$ out of the house and do something. I don't know if this one counts, but I was out, I was out … Continue reading Shopping Trip