Money or Passion?

Two weeks ago I had the most horrible experience in making a decision. [Three weeks ago] I was on the film set [read here], and it was so amazing and I loved every single bit of that day. And at the end of that day I knew the next time will be on the 14th … Continue reading Money or Passion?


A Day on Set

Last week I had the most wonderful opportunity of all time! 🙂 My friends, they know me so well, they know what are the things I love the most, one morning one of my friends sent me a FB post about a movie [that is currently filming] looking for volunteers for some small but important … Continue reading A Day on Set

Day 3: Make-up Bag

So far I am loving this blogging challenge. (Weee!!) Day 2: What's in your make-up bag?          Now, I swear it wasn't my intention when I made the challenge schedule, but it has somehow happened that tomorrow we are having a road trip to Lithuania (the casual Ikea and other store visits) and I had … Continue reading Day 3: Make-up Bag