The Story of Sunshine…

January 13, 2018.
It was the day when the theater [that I have officially been a part of for a 1 year now!] celebrated Christmas.. or maybe the “almost” Chinese New Year.. not really sure. But it was the day when most of us [actors and creative director] came together to party, eat, play games and have fun. Each of us brought a gift and as we arrive we place it on the table. I wasn’t sad at all, but I wasn’t also the best version of myself that evening. When the time came, we all drawed a piece of paper from a hat. A number was on that piece of paper. A number of the gift that is yours. My number was 14 [..I think…]. From the looks and touches, I knew it was a book. We all sat down in a circle and eventually opened our gifts. “Personalities, Phenomenons, In Person”. That is the name of the book. The book about film directors and actors such as Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Anna Hathaway and more [their biggest works, interviews, etc.]. JUST LIKE THIS WAS BOUGHT EXACTLY FOR ME! It made me so happy.. the fact that the gifts were given randomly by papers in a hat and I got just the gift that would’ve just been bought EXACTLY FOR ME! I still don’t know who was the person the book is from. But I sure did thank them in public. Of course some games and laughs made me happy, but this one did the “happy” job better.

        This was my Sunshine story that Becky from Becky’s Open Book asked me to write in the honour of Sunshine Awards.
Becky has nominated me for a Sunshine Award! Thank you! I really appreciate this gesture and your nice words about me and my blog! I am not going to wish you sunshine all the time, but I DO wish you sunshine on the cloudy and grey days as well as on the not so happy days. 🙂 ❤ 🙂

I would like to nominate:

○ Sania from Sania & Narmeen
○ “Willow” from Willow’s World
○ Marlene from Life walk with Marlene

For you lovely girls, I have just one question:
What are those 5 things that bring you happiness at any times?

Give these girls some ❤ ! Each has a different personality, different stories [said and to tell] and each is unique!

Best wishes,The Butterfly Girl. Logo



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