Day 3: Make-up Bag

So far I am loving this blogging challenge.

Day 2:
What’s in your make-up bag?

         Now, I swear it wasn’t my intention when I made the challenge schedule, but it has somehow happened that tomorrow we are having a road trip to Lithuania (the casual Ikea and other store visits) and I had to pack my make-up bag with me for the road, so I am going to write about what I packed!

         Usually, I don’t take make-up with me in my bag, it depends also on what size bag I am having, but mostly in my every-day bag I take with me the small mirror, a container with some mints and chewing gum, cloth for glasses, some candy (if I’m really desperate and hungry), tissues, hand cream, eye drops, nail file, some pills just in case of a head/stomach ache and maybe some bobby-pins and a hair band. 

         So here is what I packed for the road trip, and I use most of the products daily/whenever I must have a face 😀 .


• I use a lot of Oriflame products, one of them is the “Nature secrets” hand cream with Basil & Peach. It smells super delicious and I find the hand cream very good and hydrating, it feels very nice when it’s applied on my hands.
• Then I’ve got some special throat “candy” (also some head ache pills but didn’t want to show them in the photo) in case I need some, eye drops for my contact lenses, mirror, nail file, mints and a cloth for sunglasses.


During summer time I usually don’t use foundation, I like to let my skin breath and get the touch of the sun and fresh air.
• For the base I just use concealer for under eyes. There are two options I use, depending on my mood.
One: The Uma cosmetics professional concealer palette, which I am not really a fan of, but I can live with it. To those who see it in the store – I don’t really recommend it, but for a cheap palette it seems acceptable.
Two: OriflameAbsolute” concealer for eyes. I don’t quite understand concealers yet, but this feels like not exactly my colour but it is much better than the Uma palette. I guess I haven’t come across my perfect concealer yet.
• I like to use Essence “I love stage” eye shadow base, it is the best one I’ve come across, applies very well, conceals the blood vessels and sometimes I just put on the base and go. A very good not-expensive product.
• As for the bronzer, this particular I use in summer (actually remembered about this one only a few weeks ago), it is Maybelline New York “Dream sun” (09 golden tropics)bronzing powder and blush. I quite like it, I gotta say that I like the bronzer better than the blush,  maybe because I haven’t really learned how to properly apply blushes but I’ll come around.
• I’ve mentioned Rimmel London “Stay matte” powder in my blog before, and I’m happy to repeat myself. I love it very much, it gives you a really nice matte effect, I personally don’t like when my face is shining, I like when it is concealed and matte just like how this powder makes it.
• Last but not least, the highlighter. It is from  Uma cosmetics called “Snow glow”, and unlike the concealing palette, I am very satisfied with this product. I like it a lot (I think it may have been a limited edition product, not really sure).


For eyes:
Essence lash base, another not-expensive and good product.
Oriflame “The one” smokey mascara and Bell “Gigantus” mascara, both are amazing and I sometimes use them together (at first Bell) to give my lashes some more volume (but I very rarely use Bell alone, only when together with Oriflame).
• For the road trip I packed some eye shadows, I am happy with both of them. One is Fennel (russian) and the other one, that I am loving more is D’donna cosmetics.
Oriflame Eyebrow kit


Flormar eye liner “Precision artliner” – my absolute favourite! I love it so much, it is very thin and I can apply it very easily, a cheap and very satisfying product.
• Another Oriflame product – “Gordani Gold” eye shadow pencil “deep emerald”. Green very fits my eyes, and it is easy to use – very cute. 🙂
• As for lips – got this Oriflame beauty very recently: Colourbox lipstick “Soft Rasberry” (the black one). A very pretty colour, also applies very nicely. My new favourite! 🙂
• And then what I always try to keep in my bag – “Protecting Peach” from Avon, it is a lip balm with a little bit of shade, so it is protecting my lips AND giving them a bit of colour.

Wow.. this has been a long post. But I really enjoyed writing it, I hope some of you do as well and maybe I even brought your attention to some products! 

Until tomorrow!

Best wishes,
The Butterfly Girl


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