Day 2: “Merlin”

        At first, I would like to post on my blog as well as on twitter my 30 Day blogging challenge schedule. Maybe throughout the month I decide to change some days up, but this will be the main schedule I’ll be sticking with.


Day 2:
A TV show you’re currently addicted to!

        If you follow me on twitter, you may have already noticed the show I’m tweeting about in the past days/week. It is BBC’s “Merlin” (2008–2012).

        A few weeks or even moths ago this show appeared on my Netflix suggestions, I read the summary – thought it sounds interesting and I added it to my list. A week (or two) ago, I felt a bit bored so I opened Netflix and thought I should watch something – that something ended up being “Merlin”.. long story short – it grabbed my attention. But the more I was watching the more I got into it and I am very happy that I did, because this show is SO GOOD! I binged all 5 season in, I believe in 5 or 6 days.. let’s say in a week.

         I am not going to analyse the show or write a review, maybe if people will want to read that or I will feel like I want to write it, then I will write it as a non-challenge post, but that is for another time. 

        I watched the show non-stop, and then after I finished, I found bloopers and then I found behind the scenes videos and then the cast’s video diaries and there are different panels as well.. yeah, addicted.

        But honestly, the cast – Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Eoin Macken, Tom Hopper, Alexander Vlahos, Richard Wilson, Rupert Young and more – they are so amazing, and when I watch the panels with Alex, Tom, Rupert and Eoin – they are the most hilarious and best panels I have ever watched. They are such a joy…
…but ok, back to the show. Colin who plays the lead (Merlin) is doing such a great job, he is a wonderful and brilliant actor, working with him must be a blessing.

        I have a feeling I got lost again.. anyway. “Merlin” is a show you should definitely binge, I am 99% positive that everyone will like it. The show is about the old and known legend of king Arthur and his servant Merlin, but in this case, both are starting young and throughout the show the young Arthur becomes the King Arthur he has to become according to the legends, all the characters develop up until how they are known in the legends that we’ve been told. It is very interesting because the creators were able to make their own view, their own interpretation on how the story of Arthur, Merlin, Gwen and Morgana started.

        I am so obsessed… so obsessed. But I will get over it, as I always do. As any other obsessed person, I browse through memes and I found these ones. I think it is a perfect way to end this blog post with.


Until tomorrow!

The Butterfly Girl

P.s. The photo: “Merlin” IMDB page



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