My home.

Where I’m at…

You may know, but you also may not know because I’ve kept this to myself.

I feel weird writing about this, but I have to. I want to. I want to show you myself, but I’ve decided that I will be doing it slowly.

I live in a place where there is every season of the year – Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Although in the past years they’ve been so mixed up and so behind.. even then we still get at least a little bit of each. I live in a place where are trees everywhere, where are meadows, forests and gardens everywhere.

We [nation] are hard workers, we are people who love nature, we are creative minds and we are many more.

As for myself, I may not call myself as the ultimate patriot, but I do belong to this place somehow, to my home, to my country.

I promise, during the Summer,  on a lovely day free of responsibilities, I am going to take my camera out and go to the city, so I can show you my Latvia. My country. My home.


Best wishes,

The Butterfly Girl


P.s. The photo credit: here.






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