The Water of Spring

Birch Water

          When it is March and the spring is slowly coming, is the perfect time for a tradition of Birch Sap A.K.A. the Birch Water.

          Since traditionally this is a thing only in some regions of Europe and Northern Europe, so if you are from another part of the world, you could be asking “What is it?!”

          You know that time, when it is neither winter anymore and neither spring? Like the “in-between season”? Well that, my friend is the perfect time to harvest Birch Sap, since it is the time when it is moving intensively in the tree. All you do, is drill a hole into the tree and put in a tube or a thin wig, so the water can flow into the container.


          It tastes just like a sweet water, only the ingredients are 100% ecological and it is much healthier than any tap water at your home. It has heterosides, minerals, enzymes, proteins, sugar and vitamins C and B. (I may have not known that and cheated from Wikipedia..). In my family we only drink it, but you can also use it to wash your hair and face.

          Of course, if you harvest the water for a few weeks, you have loads of bottles with this nature’s potion, so there is one thing that we do before we leave it for later (or winter):
Just add to the water a tea-spoon of sugar, 1cm piece/cube of lemon and maybe some raisins. After weeks it will be a slightly different drink – a sour water (I actually don’t know how else to call it 😀 ).
          For a long time I only liked the infused sour water, but now I am very into the original Birch Sap and I am loving it.

          I hope you enjoyed reading this “Welcome to my world” post, either you knew about Birch Saps or you didn’t. This is one of the reasons why the place where I come from is a pretty great place.

Anyway… until the next time!

The Butterfly Girl


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