Movie Time: “The Space Between Us”

         Usually I do this on Mondays, when it’s called a “Movie Monday”, but I couldn’t resist, and I have a few reviews in my plan, so… here is a special Movie Saturday! 🙂

For those who have not seen the movie, I will start the “review/discussion” without any spoilers.

“The Space Between Us”

Director: Peter Chelsom
Starring: Asa Butterfield,Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman, Carls Gugino and more…
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi
Release Date: 3 February, 2017 (USA)

Summary of the Plot:
Gardner Elliot was born on Mars. (I guess he is a Martian now 😀 hehe.. sorry.) He has lived on Mars all his life, until one day he comes to Earth and experiences a whole new world (“A new fantastic point of view..” Again..sorry). There are two reasons he came to Earth – to meet the girl, and to meet his father.

Photo: “The Space Between Us” IMDB page.

    Honestly speaking, at the beginning I didn’t understand why they are showing us what they are showing, but then you realise how actually good is that they are revealing this information. That is the back story of Gardner Elliot, that gives you the idea of how, and by how I mean “HOW. IN THE WORLD. is there a boy born on Mars!?”.

          Speaking of the boy… Gardner. Why Gardner? Who chose his name? Where they out of options so they thought they’d call him after what he will be doing on Mars – gardening? It feels very weird for me.. maybe it is normal for other people. Just my opinion here.

          In general, the movie is a beautiful story about longing to see the world even if it can cost something. It is about the love that connects people. In the title”The Space Between Us” – the Space is love. The movie doesn’t have the usual ending as any other story, which I was not really expecting, but I am not saying it is bad either. This is the moment when your imagination and your mind takes over, the audience can make up their own narrative on how the story continues. It makes the audience to interact.


The last thing I want to mention, is:
How amazing is that the director of the movie – Peter Chelsom  is the voice of Centaur, who is  Gardner’s robot best friend!! That is very nice! Not only he puts his hard work in it, he also lets himself shine in his own work.

IMDB rating: 6,4/10 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Rotten Tomatoes rating: 4,3/10 🌟🌟🌟🌟

MY RATING: 7,9(9)/10 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

That is everything for the non-spoiler part 🙂
I am warning you that now I will be spoiling it all over the place!

          First things first! The beginning and Miss Elliot. Maybe I missed it, but they never showed if the father of the baby is one of the guys in the space station or he was left back on the Earth.. But at the end we know that the father was left on the Earth, so here comes a question – how did they not knew she was pregnant? They have to do every imaginable test before letting someone off to the Space. I don’t understand.. only if it happened after the tests or right before they went off. And how come they didn’t send her back so she could have a normal pregnancy? Anyone would’ve done that! They could’ve just sent her alone and left the others continue that 4 year mission. But I know, I know that is the story of Gardner and it is a very important part of the narrative, so I won’t judge anymore. Maybe..

         Another question.. I know that in the international space stations they have lots of equipment, on Mars or Moon or wherever they land they have some equipment as well, but I mean NOT A FULLY EQUIPED HOSPITAL ROOM! That is too (sorry I have a specific word to describe it in my mind, but I cannot remember that nor explain 😀 ). 

         Gardner.. he has such a bright future, he is already super smart, raised by scientists, not to mention that they basically built an environment and a world just for him. (I had this written down, and I just had to put it here at all costs.) But I see and feel how lonely, in a way, he is, so I totally understand his intentions on getting to the Earth and meet people.
         Also the technology in the film, especially the laptops. Is that the future? But the question about the tech is about the class room scene, where Tulsa is video chatting with Gardner – How does the teacher not see that she is chatting since the screen is see-through?

I’ve written down also some scenes, that, in my opinion, have either stupid lines, are funny or the scene is just very good.

When Gardner is still on Mars, he asks this question: “How do I act with people?”. My answer: “I don’t know, maybe JUST LIKE YOU DO IT NOW!?” I found that very stupid, because he has been with people, he didn’t grow up alone in a jungle. People are the same! There is no special treatment. Although, I can see the character in the need to ask this, and I would do as well because I’d be freakishly nervous about meeting the Earthlings. I still don’t know how to act with some people. 😀
The scene where he escapes NASA. He sees the grown old man changing and leaving his clothes, and he takes his clothes and suddenly they fit him very well? It was hard to believe.
I have to say that when he goes out, experiences the world – that is just adorable (and some are quite funny). And asking everyone “What is your favourite think about Earth”.. well that is so adorable. He really delivers the character very well.
Don’t know what he was thinking when he decided to waltz into the High School, but thankfully it worked out well for him. It could’ve been a very stupid move. But I loved how he shined with his knowledge on Thomas Edison. That was a great scene.
Another scene, with a great cinematography was when Gardner and Tulsa are on a cliff at sunset, the framing is against the light and we see only the silhouettes. I really enjoyed that cinematography there. That is a real Spielberg technique, that turned the scene into a  very beautiful masterpiece.

The last thing I want to say (and spoil) – Nathaniel is the father. I did not see that coming! I  legitimately thought he is his grandfather. I just hope I heard wrong.. 😀


         If you saw this movie, did we share the same thoughts? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. If you didn’t see the movie, have I intrigued you to watch it?
I feel very great about writing and sharing my thoughts about this film, it was not bad nor it was that good either.. that is why I gave this movie 7,9(9) out of 10.

Sorry if it was this long, but I hope it was interesting for you.
Until the next time!

The Butterfly Girl

P.s. All the photos are from “The Space Between Us” IMDB page.
P.p.s. The title reminds me so much of “Just a Step Away” by Carly Ray Jepsen. All because the first line in the song is “In the space between the worlds… “. 😀 (Here is the song)


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