The February Trio

Hi there!

          At first, I want to say sorry about my absence. Right now is a very busy time at the university and the next few days are going to be a real hell. But I will try to get my inspiration back and I will try to post and be more present this month than I was on February.

          Second of all, the time is flying in a super speed.. it is March! Which means that my favourite season of the year is coming – spring! 🙂 Yay!

So let’s start with my monthly favourites!

The Post it notes / Memo pads



These post-it note pads are from “Tiger”, 1 Euro each. I am using them ever since I got them, I really love that if I am writing a script or a big idea in my notebook, I can write the small ideas and additional ideas on these lovely pads and stick them along without writing all over the place. Also the colours are great, because if I need something to stand out, these bright pads are perfect for that. And I am not lieing – my notebook is full of them. 😀

“How Far I’ll Go” from MOANA


“Moana” is a Disney movie that came out on November, 2016. I watched the movie 3 weeks ago and fell in love with it (there is a possibility of a review coming soon). To avoid spoilers, all that I can say is that this song was one of my favourite songs from the movie and it has been playing in my head ever since. (Click HERE to see the clip!) P.s. The song is also performed by Alessia Cara and she sounds very nice and the music video is beautiful, but I love the Auli’i’s version better. Obviously.. 😀

“Dear Evan Hansen” OCR


“Dear Evan Hansen” is a Broadway musical that is created by the idea of how we all live in a world of social media and how social media can affect our lives, it has everything… In much simpler words – “Dear Evan Hansen” is basically the new “Hamilton”. This is the first musical I’ve ever been following since before it even went to Broadway. Since I am living in a part of the world where it is not possible to see the show live, the Original Cast Recording was something I was very excited to live and wait for. I absolutely love it and the music is great. (Way to go Benj and Justin!) 

So there it is again! Only this time – February favourites!

          As you see, this month two of the items are not from a store and there is a very good explanation for that! I’ve decided to keep track of my expenses. I have sheets of all my monthly expenses written down and after the month is gone, I can see where I spend my money and how I can save it. A very great way to track your money. But that is a different story, that I could tell you later!

Have a wonderful day,

The Butterfly Girl.


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