Speaking two languages fluently.
A person fluent in two languages.
/Oxford Dictionary/



(Of a person) able to use two languages equally well, or (of a thing) using or
involving two languages
/Cambridge Dictionary/

           As you already know by now, bilingual is someone who speaks fluently in two languages. This person speaks equally well in both of them and basically is an expert in both.
           Why am I writing this post? (sorry for this big gap between posts.. haven’t had the time and inspiration) English is not my native language, I write a lot in english daily and I even think in english more than I think in my native language. But I don’t think of myself as a bilingual person. Bilingual person speaks fluently, I may speak close to calling it fluently, but I am not quite there yet. 

           I started to have english class in the 3rd grade at school. In the summer before year nine, we got a Nickelodeon channel on our TV so me and my sister, we started to watch it. We watched “Drake and Josh”, we watched “Victorious”, “iCarly”, “Unfabulous”.. basically all the shows the channel was offering. Obviously I was watching these shows during the school year and I was getting much – much better at english. I was one of the best in the class. One day my classmate asked me how I got this good at english. I said: “Tv shows!” Since then, I am only watching TV shows in english. That is definitely the first step of getting better at any language.
Step two: environment. I’ve only been twice in the environment when I am required to speak english, both times where just two weeks, but during those weeks I spoke both languages. So I am very excited and I cannot wait until the moment when I get to go to England or the North America and spend time there improving myself. I have no idea when that will happen, but I am already psyched about that. (Weee!!!)

           Of course one alternative is talking on Skype with my lovely best friend (that’s you Miss M!) or other foreign friends, just as well as is a very nice opportunity to train talking. Haven’t tried that yet.. I really want to but I am quite scared to be honest. But when I do, I may invite you to join me!

           My native language and english are not the only languages I speak.. there is one language that is really needed where I live, but I am so very bad at it. But that is not the story or the point.

           Being “Almost Bilingual” is cool and yet sometimes annoying, because both languages usually mix up for me and sometimes I know words in english that I don’t even know in my own language. Weird.. 😀

What other languages do you know or speak daily? Let me know!

Until the next time!

The Butterfly Girl


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