My box of Crafts!

         I always wanted to be crafty, but even now I am struggling with doing well at that. But all that matters right now, is that I am trying and I want to be crafty, and I think knowing that I made my own planner with my bare hands, drew every line in there, makes me look like I am. As well it makes me feel more confident of what I can do.

         I have also my big book, where I put all the great things that happen to me.. I guess you call that scrapbooking. 😀 So yes, I do that too. So in this post I thought I will sneak you a peak (sorry it sounded bad) inside the box where I keep my scrapbooking and other crafty things. 🙂 (This is a gallery, so click on the photos to see caption!)



         Yes, I shop at “Tiger” too much.. but not as much as I used to. 😉
I though I had more things in my box, but when you lay them out like this.. anyway, I am always looking for more fun ways to scrapbook and make cute things. Because I am all about creativity. Let’s end this with the internet’s best words:
“Don’t cry, CRAFT!”

The Butterfly Girl


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