The January Trio

Yeah, this is definitely going to be a thing I do every month. 🙂

January ir gone, just like my 3 week holidays from the University. Bye Bye.
February is here, whether we wanted it or not.. so without any further adieu (or is it “ado”?!) – Here are my TOP 3 January favourites!

Nr. 1
“Dress to Impress” T-Shirt


This really cute “Dress to Impress” shirt with those absolutely cute :* :* :* pandas I got in a shop called “New Yorker”. I thought it would look really nice with my jean/leather jacket. But it is too cold to wear it now, so this is something that’s waiting until the spring time.

Nr. 2
“Christmas Punch” candle


My Sister got me this very nice candle for Christmas. I started to use it after the New Years, and it smells SO amazing. I kind of want to eat it. 😀 Like any other tasty-smelling candle. So the scent, as you may already know is Christmas Punch, and the candle is a Scentual Collection from Home4You.

Nr. 3
Leather Shoes


Another purchase that will have to wait until the spring time, and it makes me sad because I want spring now… is these cool black leather shoes!  To be honest, I don’t know how these kind of shoes are called, but they’ve been around and I never thought I’d buy them myself. I’ve always been kind of behind the fashion. Anyway.. I bought this pair of ACO shoes in a shoe-outlet store (so a little cheaper 🙂 ) in another country and I LOVE them!

So yeah! These are my January TOP favourite items, now we can all say that I am totally ready and cannot wait for the spring. 😀
I believe that February will be a really nice month for all of us!
Until the next time!

The Butterfly Girl


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