The December Trio


For this post I thought I could do something different. I thought it would be nice to share my three favourite things from December. As I was writing the title of this post, it felt like this could be like a thing that happens every month – sharing my 3 top things of the previous month!

– So here they are! –

Nr. 1
“Rimmel London” powder


I ran out of my powder a long time ago and finally decided to buy one. I chose this long-lasting pressed powder / 001 – transparent. I have to say, that I made a really good choice. I really like it and I will definitely buy some other Rimmel London products in the future.

“Catrice cosmetics” Contouring palette


This is something my sister got me for Christmas. I haven’t been a fan of any kind of contouring, just bronzers. But now that she got me this contouring palette, I think I kind of like it.

Nr. 3
“Flying Tiger” document folder


I am a huge folder dork. My top shelf in my closet is full of full folders. Some people collect notebooks. I collect folders. Ok, well neither of them are that many so I could call it a collection.. I just go crazy about any cool and weird folder I see in a store. And if you want cool and crazy, then Tiger is the right place you need to go to. The Folders in the picture are A4, and I got them because they look like the folders with photos, proofs or other documents about suspects inside from CSI or any other movie. P.s. One of dreams is to have a nice hanging file folder cabinet. 😀 If you know what I mean.. 😉

         As you may already seen, I am not very good at reviews on make-up, but it is a step up and I hope there will be another “My January Trio” next month.
Until the next post!

The Butterfly Girl


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