Exams! – How to survive?!

“Exams?! Please, no..”

         January is the exam time for me, and probably for some of you as well. I always say that I will start preparing timely and I will study a lot. But at the end of the day I am sitting on my bed, watching “Parks and Recreation” or another tv show that has finally came out after winter finale.. or any other finale.

         But even if it is SO hard to finally be concentrated on what is actually important, I try to think of ways to make it more interesting or even fun (actually, never gotten as fun as I imagine..)!

         Two of my exams have already passed (YAY!). Both of them were the easy ones. Now, I have 4 more to go. All of them are extremely terrible and I want to hide until it is all over and most likely live in a cave. But I won’t! At least not today.. I think.
Ok, well two of them are terrible and freak me out, third one is a 3 minute graduation speech and I have no idea what to say, but the forth normal one is History of Advertising and PR which is pretty interesting and maybe not so scary.. for now. Probably will be scary the day before it.

         So what could be useful whilst studying for exams? Definitely rewarding. Treat yourself after hard (or not so hard) studying, watch an episode or eat some candy. That is always a good motivation. “Okay, I will get to watch this episode after I get this in my head!” or “So I will study first, and then I can watch as many episodes as I want.”

         Also – games. Make cards with the information you need to learn, be creative. Nothing about studying is fun, so this is a chance to make it fun and get all the info in your head with a little bit of help by trying to make it fun.

         Last but not least (because I don’t know what other ways could there be to make it “nicer”), make a song about it.. or a rap musical like “Hamilton” (probably won’t be good, at all). I’ve always believed that you can make ANYTHING into a song, and you will remember it forever. I think I tried it once.. didn’t really work out. 😀

         I am not sure how helpful this has been, but I always need someone to remind me to study and to not get lazy. Mostly it is myself, but also most of the time I don’t listen to myself.  😀 I hope that we all – the sad exam gang – are doing the best we can, and good luck to all of us and all of you!

After all, exams are a part of any students’ life whether you like it or not.
Scary, but needed.

The Butterfly Girl

P.s. The answer to the question in the title “How to survive?!” ? Well you can’t. It’s the truth that hurts and nobody wants… But it is possible! Rare, but yet very possible. (:D)


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