Looking Back At The 2016

Looking Back At The 2016!

Even though 2016 was a pretty stupid year, a lot happened during it…
In this blog post I will look back at the good and the bad moments that happened to me during 2016.

  1. Supermarket commercial.
    I think it was February.. or the end of January.. not relevant. 😀
    I was filming in a supermarket commercial as an extra.  🙂 I spent a whole day (13 hours) on the set.. I got to say it – it was the longest and most boring filming gig (mostly because the staff were from Sweden so they talked in another language so I wouldn’t understand anything). But it was a new experience and I love to gain that kind of experience, so it was nice… exhausting, but nice. 🙂

  2. Valentines day episode.
    I am in a faculty of media and some students had to make like a tv reality/game show and they needed attractive people for each episode. They asked me to do one, and the assignment was to get as many phone numbers from guys as possible in 30 minutes using only the given HORRIBLE pick-up lines. That was fun and very weird.. I got 7. The other girl I was competing with got 17.. 😀 But it was another experience and once again I got to be reminded that I love being in front of the camera.. especially when you are walking in the street and a person with a big camera is following you and everyone thinks you are someone important. 😀

  3. Got drunk.
    This was the summer when for the first time I got drunk. Not going to give more details.. but later on I realised that I hate the taste to alcohol.
  4. Went on a Tinder date.
    Well.. we had texted for a month and then he realised that we should meet.. anyway.. not going into details or any more information.. just want to say that Tinder was once, not doing that again. I believe in real life meeting. If that makes sense..  😀
  5.  Hot-Air balloon!
    Yes! I was flying in a Hot-Air Balloon! And it was AWESOME! It was SO AMAZING! One day  (on July) my friend called me and asked if I wanna go outside the city tonight and fly a hot-air balloon. It was the most spontaneous and best decision I had ever made.
  6. 360° music video.
    On August, I was filming in a 360° music video. It was a very fun day. We had a little party on the open-roof tour bus, later on the evening we filmed on a boat. My friend was directing it and he was behind the idea of 360° video, and… to be honest.. that exact day I was about to go outside the city to film in a movie as an extra with my mom and sister, but I decided to go with the music video. I am still not sure if I regret that decision. But now I have a music video experience! So I guess I don’t.  🙂
  7. I said “no” to a gig…
    Later on September I got a call from casting agency asking if I would like to come film during night-time for a movie. I didn’t ask for details, but I suppose it was a job for an extra.. and I told her no. I think I was a little scared because she said “during night-time”.. I don’t really know, but I regret not calling back or even saying yes at the first time.
  8. “Hello Au Revoir”
    This is the title of a movie in which I participated in (Imdb page here!). It is an experimental film, made by 1000 actors from all around the world. We had to send in a short video where we were able to do anything we wanted. I have no idea what it is gonna be like, how it will turn out, but this seemed like an opportunity so I took it. That’s what opportunities are for – to take!
  9. “The Butterfly Girl”
    I started a blog! I started this blog on the 23rd of September, so, I guess, it has been 3 months! I didn’t know it would last even 3 months, because I usually drop the things I do… maybe because I am scared. But this time I told myself that I have to keep this going, and I will tell myself this every day. I always thought I would like blogging, but now I actually feel it. That I like it!! No.. I LOVE IT! Yay Butterfly girl!!!
  10. I went to Russia.
    This was the first time I was outside the country without my family. Even outside the continent!  😀 It was a really nice experience, and if you haven’t seen yet, then here are my Part 1 and Part 2 posts where I posted some pictures from the time in Russia.
  11. Rejection…
    I applied for an internship at a film studio, they reached back to me asking when can I come do the interview. I went, I thought they really liked me and they liked the fact that I am writing scripts. I think I did pretty good, so I was so excited about it and so happy! …but they never called me back. Not even to tell the bad news. It crushed me so bad, but then I remembered: “If it happens–good. If it doesn’t happen–even better” /Kunnal Nayyar (actually his dad) in “Yes, My Accent is Real”/. Also I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I bet there was as super-duper reason and something better is coming my way. I hope.
  12. University Theater.
    I joined the theater! I finally did it.. I was talking about joining since the summer started. And I did it and it felt so good to step on the stage. It has been a looong time since the last time I was on stage. I didn’t want to lose the ability of acting that I had and, obviously, I wanted to get better, because practice make perfect! Am I right?! Very excited about what is in store for me there. Since I was not the only new one, then I think the director will make something new for us – the new kids.. excited to see what will happen!

So I guess that even if this year was kind of stupid.. or not, it came with a lot of cool things and moments and I am very thankful for every single one of them.
I hope and believe that the next year will come with more cooler moments and opportunities. I cannot wait!

If I don’t post anymore this year, then
See you in the 2017!!
(Or the next post.. hihihi)

The Butterfly Girl

P.s. Comment below what was YOUR best moment of 2016!!



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