My Broadway Planner!

Yay! I Finally Finished!

           This is the second year when I make my own planner. Last year I could not find a planner that I wanted for myself, so I looked on my bookshelf and saw a big black notebook that someone had given me on my birthday a long time ago. I had no idea how to use it until then. I drew some lines, wrote months, dates and made myself a simple planner in the layout that I wanted it to be. (Obviously didn’t happen in one day.. it took like 2 months xD .)

           This year I did it again, though at first I didn’t know it would have a theme. While I was making full-year calendars (to glue in the planner) on excel, I was going through fonts for months. Then I saw it: “Broadway”. And so the theme was born.

           I started the planner in summer.. I finished it yesterday. Yay!! 🙂 So the main thing about this planner is that before every month there is a page of a quote from a Broadway musical. There are quotes from “Matilda”, “The Book Of Mormon”, “Hamilton”, “First Date”, “Rent” and “Wicked”: The musicals I’ve seen (except for “Rent”, but I do love that one song).

Here is a little visual on how my Broadway themed planner looks!
(But I won’t show everything.. )



The first thing that you see opening the planner is this quote from one of my favourite Broadway songs “Seasons on Love” from “Rent”.



January starts with “Hamilton” / song: “Take a Break”


This is how the layouts look like. I had 3 different layout designs, and this won my vote.


“Turn it off” / “The Book of Mormon” is such a fun song. It was my responsibility to put in on April. A fun month.


May. My favourite month (there is a reason why). One of my all time favourites–“Book of Mormon” / song: “I Believe”.


This is July. “Hamilton”/ song: “Dear Theodosia”.


August. “Wicked” / song: “Defying Gravity”.


October. “Matilda” / song: “When I grow up”


November. “Hamilton” / song: “Wait For It”.


After december, the year ends with “Hamilton” / song: “Alexander Hamilton”.


I had to put a quote at the back cover, so here is “Season of Love” from “Rent”.

           I spent so much time working on this and I am so so happy about the result. People say how I have that much patience.. to draw lines for a whole year, to stick stickers on every week. Well.. I knew the result will be amazing. After all, I will be with it all next year!

Listen up Broadway geeks! What do you think?!

The Butterfly Girl

P.s. The notebook itself is from IKEA. (I didn’t know what to do with it as well, but when I looked at it I knew it would fit for a planner.)


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