Time – a Friend or an Enemy?!


           I am the  most impatient person that I know. Ever. And Time is the worst thing ever. Sometimes it is too long (so it goes suuper duper slow), but then it goes like the speed of light–bshuooa!! And it’s the past.

           But I have learned, than Time is good. Good things come with Time, to be honest, I am still waiting for my good things. Or maybe I already have some of the good things, only I don’t see it yet. Usually, and I think everyone says it everywhere that, you only acknowledge the good (things) that you had, after you lose it (them). As a true fan of Hamilton and Lin, I have to say it and I won’t stay silent. Lin has tought me, showed me that the good things, the success, the magic always comes with Time. You see… when he performed the first song of his mix tape on 2009 at the White House, people laughed at him. Now look at him and what he created! He didn’t care that they laughed, he did it anyway and proved himself. He spent years.. and those years payed off, didn’t they?! Haha.. He truly has become my role model of Broadway. He tought me that with Time – comes amazing things.

           So?! Time is a friend. Even though I hate it, and I am so impatient, that I break down every month thinking that there is no purpose or that I am no good and that I could just go outside, fall into the bush and stay there. Just.. stay there. But then I remember – it takes Time. It doesn’t happen on the flick of the wand (sadly  😦 ). It takes practise and courage.

I think me and Time..?!
We are FrEnemies. I want to be BFF’s with it, and yet I hate it so much. But I try to live with it and I try to trust it and believe that Time truly is my friend

“I’m willing to Wait For It”

The Butterfly Girl

P.s. Haha! I just googled “time”, and between the pictures of clocks there is one of Lin  😀 .



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