I’m Back!

I am back from Russia!

Okay.. I arrived yesterday, but I was too tired to even change or do anything. To be honest.. when I think about it it feels like it didn’t happen.. well yeah it did, but far back in the past.. or maybe it still doesn’t feel like reality. I don’t know. It’s weird.

             St. Petersburg.. it was a really nice trip/tour/whatever it was. If I have to be honest.. I almost wanted to cry a little when I was leaving to go there. My Mom drove me to the bus station and the whole ride felt just like in movies when the characters are happy and yet sad to leave and so on. But I didn’t cry.. I don’t like to cry and I don’t. Wo-ow I am slowly moving away from the main topic here. 😀  A-anyway.. It was my first trip abroad + completely alone. Well, I was with friends, but they’re not that close… more like colleagues. But I did enjoy it!

P.s. If You follow me on Twitter, then you may have followed me and my thoughts and all my excitements along the trip. And now.. well you will hear all about it again. Here. In this and my next blog posts. For sure.

             First thing – the bus. I got in my seat and each of us had a mini TV/pad with loads of movies and internet and games.. I literally felt like I was in heaven. That night I watched Grease. The classic that I have always wanted to see but never did. And now I can proudly say – “I’ve seen Grease!”. 

             St. Petersburg is a place that you have to visit on summer.. or spring. I never, even once, saw sun, or the sky, or any light in the sky. Ok, there was once, but it was just once. But the architecture is very impressive.. some times it just seemed like there were castles built on a street. And yet at the same time it wasn’t very different from the city where I live.. Very similar I must say.

             I have no idea what to write to be honest.. maybe photographs can tell you more than I can. But those will come soon.. in the next days. 🙂

             I visited Hermitage, of course. Because the media forum (wich was the main reason of this whole trip) was happening there and we had full access to the museum. We went to browse when we got bored with the forum, we browsed a LOT.. and yet nothing. Because the Hermitage is So HUGE, that you won’t even be able to see it in a week. The first day when we arrived, we had that day free, so we went to walk around together. During that walk we visited a church, saw the bank, Church of the Savior on Blood, and cool shops where to return on our way back or on another day. 

             They had arranged a bus from the hotel to the Hermitage (and back to hotel). On our way back to the hotel we drove pass the Palace Bridge (the bridge that opens). As it turned out it was very far to walk, and I can’t take a picture while driving in the bus. Not quite the best way. So I just took a really-really sad pic with my phone. That bridge is the only thing I didn’t get on camera. BUT.. On our last day me and one other girl, we went to the Oceanarium (Planet Neptune). And it was pretty cool!

             So yes! I had a lovely trip, and gallery shall soon be posted. So keep in touch to see the photos!

The Butterfly Girl

P.s. I AM gonna miss the hotel breakfast and how the room “cleans itself”.
P.p.s. Sorry about the picture.. but I love “Hamilton” and the words “I’m back” reminded me of the King George III and the “You’ll be back” song. #LoveIt_♥


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