Ready to Roll?!


            Tomorrow at midnight I am in a bus that is headed straight to St.Petersburg. Wow… still cannot realise that it is actually real and it is actually happening. On Tuesday I went to my mom’s aunt’s work place to take a suitcase from her (I don’t have one on my own because I never travel the way when a real suitcase is needed). That was the first moment when I realised: I guess this is kind of real!?. I looked at the suitcase and the image became more clearer. But not crystal clear. It probably will be crystal clear when I get on the bus or when I am at the border or when I get in the hotel room… or when I get back.

           I have packed my make-up/toiletries bag… just a few things to add left. I found some clothes to pack… but the suitcase is still downstairs. Just lazy to go after it… I’ll do that later. 😀 At first I wanted to do a little “picture-description-kind-of” blog post with how I pack or what do I take with me.. Maybe I’ll do that later when I get back. Then I could actually say what was correct to take and what where the things I needed that I did not take. We’ll see how far my laziness is about to go. 😀

          Besides all the fun stuff (that is to travel) I have UNI work.. I really tried to do something today. I started. But I just don’t have the inspiration to do it. That’s the problem with me-to do certain things I need inspiration for that. I cannot do anything if I don’t have the inspiration to do it. Or maybe the passion.. mostly it’s inspiration. Maybe that is also why I post not as often as I would want to. I cannot just sit and write. (Guess!) I need my ___. Haha.. yes. You guessed correct. The blank space was inspiration.

  I would tell you to follow me on SnapChat, maybe Instagram.. but since I am just the Butterfly Girl – an anonymous girl (TBH.. I don’t intend to be anonymous forever.. I think soon I will reveal myself and maybe I will start the New Year not as anonymus blogger. But that’s just maybe! 😉 ).
But DO follow me on Twitter where (hopefully.. and I think) I will post some pictures or thoughts.. anything that will come to my mind across the journey, so you can

Feel with me. Be with me. Live with me.

            But I am very exited to go and so So SO EXCITED to see what is gonna happen, how the journalist festival will go and see the city and all and all! Definitely taking my lovely Nikon with me so there will be pictures and there DEFINITELY will be a post about everything.
            Maybe I will post something during next week, but if I don’t – I will see you when I get back! (Or on Twitter..)

St.Petersburg – Here I come!

The Butterfly Girl


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