This “Run-Around” Week..

This past week… Wow. It all started on Tuesday. In the morning I had to go to the Visa center to give in my documents for my visa to Russia (I wrote a post about my St.Peterburgs upcoming visit) . And then I got a call that I need to take care of one more person’s documents, because that person was out of country. Nice! That’s how the running started. That day I ran through the whole city in my ~6cm heeled winter boots. Of course after that I had to make it to the University and somehow climb up the 4th floor. It just was the worst. The next days went pretty much the same.. just a little less running. Oh no!  Ups!.. Wednesday. On Wednesday I did run to make it on time to another appointment at the Visa Center. At the end I had to wait about 25 minutes. How nice

              And.. besides this Visa mess (that is now over and I’m so glad cause last night I even saw that place in my dreams 😀 ), I realised something. Something funny and so stupid. Few days ago I applied for (like) 10 listings on Star Now. Two of them: Psychological Drama and a historical film. Every time when an owner of any listing visits your page, you get a notification e-mail. So I got an email and then decided to look at my applications once again.. and that is when I realised that I messed those two applications up. I sent them vice versa. 😀 So for the Historical film I wrote something like “I like psychological movies because blah blah…”, and for the Psychological Drama I wrote something about how I fit to play this character who actually was a character in that historical film. So yes, I basically messed up.  I’m still laughing at myself and I still have no idea how that happened. No. Idea.

              So yes! This week passed so fast.. Probably cause I was running through it. 😀 Hah! It sure was a busy week. 

              Now I just want to chill and enjoy a hilarious movie, video or.. basically I need a laugh. I LOVE a good laugh. (BTW: Watched the new episode of “The Big Bang Theory” – I laughed my heart out. I needed it so badly… Still looking for that kind of laugh!)

              I hope that You end this week with some good laughs too.
Until the next time!

The Butterfly Girl


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