Life is my Stage

          Every one is an actor. We all have our roles in our lives. She is a waitress, so her role is to play a waitress. He is a police officer – he plays that role. Those who have improved their acting are now the people who we all know as actors.

          I am sure that I am not the only person who sometimes have to act to get through some situations. But that is the thing that helps. I  imagine that I am this confident person who deals with these kind of situations daily. I think as if I was on stage or a  set, I imagine that what I do is big, that this is a production about parts of my life, that there is an audience who will enjoy it. Maybe it’s called “hiding myself“. Maybe I put on this mask to be another person and hide myself. But that is who I am.. I use acting a lot.. I want to take any chance to improve myself at it.

          Sometimes I feel like I have born in the wrong country. I see how in the big countries they have community theaters and theater clubs and all these fun ways to persue the dream. Where I’m at… they say that the poeple of our nation are big theater lovers.. but it is hard to find a place where to improve myself. Hard to find the clubs.. or if I find the club – the Universe stands against me. 

          I’m not sure how to keep believing that it could happen. Hard to keep believing that that “Something Bigger ” will even come. But I want to fight. And I will fight.
          That is why I use my life as my Stage… the place where I perform, the place where I improve. 

The Butterfly Girl


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