TV = Health

          Yes, It has been a long since I’ve posted. I think my last post was like a week ago… wops! The reason is pretty simple… the day was grey, cold and rainy. First, I had to run a bit to make to the bus. Second, I had to run a bit to make it to the green light to cross the street and get in the car that was waiting for me. Within an hour or less – sneeze. Sneeze. SNeeze. SNEeze. SNEEze. SNEEZe. SNEEZE! And I’m down. Well.. not really down, got a slight cold, PLUS.. I have the talent to get ill right for the test week… Anyway.. Went to university, skipped what I was able to skip, went home….. and watched tv shows.

          There are shows (that I’m watching) that are airing every week, so I cannot watch them all at once.. But recently I discovered a new one. Tried the Pilot episode. Got into it SOO MUCH. Now… I simply just CAN.NOT.STOP.


Drama/ Action (2014)

Team Scorpion: Walter O’Brien – leader, Sylvester – human calculator, Happy – engineer, Toby – behavioral psychiatrist, Agent Gallo – government man, Paige – normal person with genius son Ralph. They do what others cannot. They take the cases that others cannot solve.

          Yes, this is a two-year old show, who is, BTW, STILL airing.. never is too late.. the main thing is to find the good shows and enjoy. I saw an episode from season 2 on tv, I set it on just as a background, then I got interested in it.. so on Tuesday I cam home and decided to watch the pilot.. check the show out. And now I am in season 2. Yay! (#obsessed #ElyesIsCute )

          Anyway.. as much as I’d like to talk about this show (TOTALLY RECOMMEND!), I have some other shows…

…that I am into. There are two more, but they are scheduled on January, so.. not important at the moment.

          TV shows are the best way to how get better.. the best way to forget everything and live in this another world. It is the best medicine against anything.

          So this was a list of my current favourite shows.. and, honestly.. I don’t know what was the purpose of it. Maybe just to share my tv show list.. I promise I’ll  get back on the blogging track. 

          Either way, this has been a weird post of mine.. but what isn’t weird about me and my posts?!? 


The Butterfly Girl


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