The Unexpected “Vacation”

St. Petersburg

           This was quite a decision.. an Opportunity came to go to St. Petersburg for a 2 day (journalist) festival and it took me some time to understand what to do – to go or not to go. At first I wasn’t sure, but later my doubts confirmed – the trip is totally free.
So I decided – when else am I going to have a chance to go somewhere, see the world with friends/colleagues (well, just a part of the world, but still – outside the borders) AND for free!!


I mark my planner: November 20-25: ST. PETERSBURG!

           For those who maybe don’t know, St. Petersburg is in Russia. Now.. I have no idea how I am going to survive, I know russian a little bit, but not veeery good so I can have a normal conversation.. sure I have talked with people when I worked in a shop, but.. most of the times I just played stupid. 😀 I only know the basics.. or maybe not… I am not sure. 😀
Then there is russian money.. comparing to Euros.. (1 Euro = ~67.98 RUB) I don’t know what to think.. it probably isn’t that hard, but… very unusual for me. And the currency things just sometimes are very… confusing for me. But the confusement usually goes away after a while..

AANYWAAY…. What to see in St. Petersburg?!


Since the festival is happening in there, I will have a chance to walk and walk and walk through the place. I’ve heard it is pretty cool and that in one day you just cannot walk the whole thing through!


Church of the Savior on Blood


Palace Bridge

           There are probably a lot more to see and visit, but I will sure get to that soon when it comes closer.
But there definitely will be sequels about this trip – maybe before, and definitely after. 😉

P.S. I think I mostly just want to take pictures of everything to put in my portfolio, so I am most probably taking my good friend Nikon camera with me, so there will be a loot of photos that I will definitely share here on the blog!
#MyFirstTravelBlogPost?! Haha  🙂

P.P.S. SOO excited to share it with you on November! Yay!


The Butterfly Girl





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