Dreaming For Meaning

The world of Dreams.


          “Dreams are reflection of soul”, they say. And I believe that. I believe that dreams show you your deepest wishes, deepest thoughts, etc… It is the voice of subconscious.

          I don’t remember since when, but I’ve been translating my dreams for quite some time now. When I wake up and remember my dreams, I search for a symbol or thing that I saw and I look up the meaning of it. I think it is important to hear what your subconscious is trying to tell you (or even warn you). It is important as well to understand what subconscious is trying to tell you.

          Few weeks ago I bought a book:  Dream Sight” by Michael Lennox (the book I got is in my country’s language and it has a different cover – it is prettier than the original). I haven’t read it all, but I browsed through it a bit and it seems so good. There is also a dictionary where you can find object or a thing you saw in a dream and it has a description and meaning. It shows you how to interpret the dream from different side of view.
[This is the first book about dreams I have yet found, but sure there must be a lot more.]

Definitely Number 1 book to keep on your bedside table.

          A very interesting thing that I heard, is that you can learn to control your dreams. Hell yeah! Who doesn’t want to do that! I have not managed to do that… yet. I wish that someday I’ll be able to control them. But there is a way to learn that – by writing them down. Now, I have a few notebooks each for particular/ different purpose. And I have also a dream notebook, where I write inside the dreams I remember. At the moment I have 30 dreams in there. Hah.. if you look back and read some it makes you think: “what the hell was up with you?!”  😀 . I had a thought to publish all of them in a book someday. Well, maybe I will… when I have bigger amount of them. But – my first idea was to use them for screenplays or stories so I could bring them [right from the subconscious] to life with the art of cinema… haven’t got to that yet either.

          I find the “science” of dreams fascinating and so interesting. There is a lot about this topic to learn and actually, … to know about yourself!

•••Write in the comments what is the weirdest dream that YOU have had!•••

The Butterfly Girl


6 thoughts on “Dreaming For Meaning

  1. Esther says:

    Just today I dreamt a real weird dream, that I was marrying a guy that I didn’t know. It was all weird and took me like thirty minutes after I woke up before I remembered that I dreamt at all.
    I think a dream book is a good idea. I might begin to keep one.

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  2. wittywritingsblog says:

    One time, when I was nine years old, my brother had once told me that he could control his dreams sometime to make him do whatever he wanted. This resonated with me, because the thought of making your dream a play pin is awe-inspiring. So, the next night I had a dream. I was with my 3rd grade class on the second floor. It was free-time. Last thing I remembered was lying down in bed so I knew this had to be a dream. As soon as I realized it, everyone else kinda fell away. I wanted to fly, so I was telling myself to fly. And little did I know, my fragile little 3rd grade body had begun to float away from school. It was such an amazing feeling. However, I didn’t control it for long. After my conscious started interacting with my subconscious, I kinda woke up. But, that morning, sitting on my bed with the crust in my eyes and the slob on my chin, I had actually controlled my dream for the first time.

    Now, I never did it after that. That day, something allowed me to control my dreams, but I haven’t been able to do the same since.

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