Zodiac and Me

Taurus Woman         

She will not lead you and she will not follow you, she will stand alone. She follows her own path in life and knows when to act. She is self-sufficient and would prefer to get things done herself. She likes her own space and quiet time to rejuvenate. She always has a wall up to protect herself from the big bad world. She’s not that harsh she’s realistic. She will only love you if she can trust you. Taurus are the best builders of the zodiac. They will build and forge succesful careers and they will amass wealth and they will do this all on their own, without anyone’s help.

         I don’t know how is that possible, is this some kind of a trick, but it is a damn good one. Every time I read my zodiac signs descriptions – it’s always 98-100% true. I read them… and I relate so much. (I’m talking about just the taurus character descriptions, not those who come out every day/week saying how your day/week will go.. though sometimes they are accurate.) 
 ♉  About this particular one.. I am the person who likes to be alone, of course it’s fun to hang out with friends, but I do need a lot of alone and quiet time in my life;
  About Taurus women being realistic – true. Sometimes I tell harsh things, but they are real. I don’t lie (maybe small lie gets out sometimes, but mostly I don’t) and I tend to speak out the truth even if it hurts. Sometimes though I just keep the truth to myself and never say a thing, because that could just be too much;
  I DO want and I DO try to have a succesful career, and I am doing it by myself, because:
1.- I don’t have similar thinking friends next to me or family members who would or can help;
2. – I don’t like to brag or ask for help to anyone.
So I have come to a conclusion that I am on my own. That I WANT and WILL prove them that I CAN. Only.. I don’t know if what I’m doing is succesful in any way and will lead to a succesful career. I am moving to the unknown.

Taurus Personality 

• They rarely change their mind;

• Cautious and doubtful of new and unusual situations;

• Doesn’t mind hard work if it gets them what they want;

• Forms few, but close relationships;

• Tends to be introvert;

• Prefers to be self-reliant.

  I don’t want to admit it, but I guess I can be a little stubborn sometimes.. and if I want to do something – I will do it. I will do it until I either fail miserably or luckily succeed;
  I don’t like new situations even though I want some change in my life.. when the situation comes I usually want to hide in the ground or run away;
  Right now I am working on a project for next year (nothing big, just a thing for myself) and it includes a LOT of hard work, but I know the result is going to be amazing, so the hard work doesn’t bother me;
  Tends to be introvert” – true! Sometimes I feel like “Alright. It is time to be introvert now..” ..but I can be also extrovert, and that happens when I feel like I belong or when I trust he people or the place.

         To not make this post much longer, for the last one I chose a small description, which is very accurate and sometimes is a bad and annoying thing… you just want to know how to fight it.

Things go in one ear and out the other quite often for a Taurus. Just Saying.

♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓

         To all the Taurus and not Taurus people out there! What is the zodiac description that matches YOU the most! Write in the comments below! I want to know!

The Butterfly Girl


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