The Movie List…

Today I decided to introduce You to my

“Movies To Watch”


     Yes, I have a list of movies. And I’m sure some of You do too. In my notebook, the movies are written in a random order.. mostly I write a movie in after I see a trailer or hear about it. But this time I will try to order them by their coming out dates and maybe in a few words tell why I want to see that paricular movie.

 Let’s Start!

 I’m starting with the movies that have already came out:

1. “Blind Side” / 2006

I didn’t know that this movie existed until this year, when I saw a clip of it on my Facebook timeline. I watched the trailer and just like any other person, these words got to me:

"Never had one before."
       "What, a room to yourself?"
"A bed."

2.  “The Bronze” / March 18, 2016


I belive I saw the trailer for this one AFTER the movie came out.. BUT.. as a big “The Big Bang Theory” fan, the main reason to watch this movie is Melissa Rauch. I have only seen her from one side – as Bernadette. Very excited to see what else does Melissa got in her “power” as an actress.



3. “Florence Foster Jenkins / May 6, 2016


With this one I got introduced this month while stalking Simon Helbergs twitter page.. I thought this has not came out, but seems that I was wrong.            This movie is in my list because of Simon and obviously Meryl Streep and.. welll.. maybe Hugh Grant too. But mostly I want to see Simon playing the piano. And hey! Bernadette and Howard nex to each other!  😀

4. “Alice Through the Looking Glass” / May 27, 2016


I am not a big fan of the Alice movies.. probably because the first one was Tim Burtons’. Here is only one reason why I want to watch this movie – this is the last Alan Rickmans’ movie.


5. “The Fundamentals of Caring” / June 24, 2016

ead35714-3a1d-11e6-8c9c-cf7838564d36        The trailer for this movie I saw in that suggested video side-bar on YouTube. Selena Gomez got my attention. First time I saw her was on “Wizards of Waverly Place” and I like to see her in movies and acting.  Again – only now discovered it has already came out. After I finish this post, I’m gonna skip to this movie! 😀

6. “Bad Moms” / July 16, 2016


   I am not sure why I have this in my list nor why I want to see this.. maybe because of Kristen Bell and the reason it is a comedy. I do love a good laugh. 🙂

7. “Southside With You” / August  26, 2016


   I thought this movie has not came out yet as well.. so many suprises! 😀 “Souhside With You” is in my list because it is a movie about the Obama couple. Even though I am completely unattached with Obamas, I just LOVE them!

With this movie ends the “already aired movies”.

8. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” / November 18, 2016


I don’t think I have to explain this one.

It’s Harry Potter world.

No comment needed.

9. “The Edge of Seventeen” / November 18, 2016


         Saw this one in suggested video bar on YouTube as well. And this time Hailee is the one who got my attention. With her performance on “Pitch Perfect” she has gained my attention and trust. PLUS – while watching the trailer I saw that Blake Jenner is also in it! I am so happy for him! (If you don’t know who Blake is then you haven’t watched Glee or The Glee Project)

10. “Moana” / November 23, 2016


       Maybe you already know it, if you follow me on Twitter, but… 


    So Lin-Manuel Miranda is definitely the reason this movie is in my list. Also I really want to see/hear the Rock. But mostly the reason is LIN!

11. “The Space Between Us” / December 16, 2016


       No doubt Britt Robertson is climbing up the career stairs. She is the young revelation! And the movie looks to be very cute and interesting. Adorable story.. but is it a clishe?!

12. “SING” / December 21, 2016


      I love animated movies! Wish to be a part of one someday. ANYWAY… This movie seems to be SO fun and SO cute and SO SO SO…! I don’t even have a word… 😀

I just cannot wait to see this one!

13. “Table 19” / January 20, 2017


             “Table 19” is looking to be a great and funny movie STARRING the amazing Anna Kendrick, AND with Lisa Kudrow (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) and Craig Robinson (The Office)!
Another great romatic comedy. Love those!

We are down to the last one!!!

14. “Beauty and The Beast” / March 17, 2017



THIS is the movie I am waiting for THE LONGEST!!

SO SO SO SO EXCITED to see it!

(Definitely – no explanation needed)

🙂   🙂

          This list will definitely grow and grow, so I will definitely share the new movies on my blog! And maybe I will write a review about some of them! Will see..

The Butterfly Girl

I thought about puting here links to all the trailers of the movies.. but I realised how many that would be.. it is already a long post either way.  😀   


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