Be an Observer!

             First of all.. I should probably give you a  context before I get to the case. I have been a theater person since I was born, so I was already into performing arts. About five or six years ago I started to watch TV shows in English (because on the next year I had an exam and I wanted to be better) and I knew – that is what I want (well I knew also before as I watched movies on TV like anyone else). I want to act. I want to be in those kind of TV shows (and a movie would be great too)… I started to watch more of behind the scenes footage and bloopers/gag reels… in my opinion – the best part of a movie. I saw how such an incredible result is being made.. how a screenplay, book, script is brought to life. And that fascinates me. How much of a work is put in, how many people are working on just one thing. I am a very emotional person, I feel empathy when someone is sad or happy. Sometimes I find myself crying while watching these behind the scenes footage because I am very very happy about the result they have made. I see how history is made, how something written is made alive, how simple people are acting and living this exciting adventure which at the end gives you an amazing result. But after I got turned down more than once, I thought: “Well, if no one is going to cast me or even give me a chance, I am going to become a director and cast myself!”. Yeah… I started to go that direction, but somehow I chose a different path. Again – a different story.

Now we are getting much much closer to the case!

             Even though I am on a different path right now,  I write scripts at times. I write movie scripts that mostly are about my life, about my experience that I want others to know. Others to feel. Yesterday I was sitting in the bus on my way home, and an idea came to me. The idea was to keep a “Character Journal”. What a better way to come up with characters and different kind of people for a movie or series, than to base them on real life people. I have a special notebook, where I write all my ideas and I try to take it everywhere with me, because you never know when an idea can hit you. So for now on, in that notebook I will write down characteristics and details of all the crazy and weird people I see or interact with. I already know this will be sooo helpful!  I have just started this, but I truly recommend to be an observer, to stare at people and write down every weird move or thing about them, cause when you will need a character for any kind of movie, serie, etc., you won’t have to drown in headaches; all you will have to do is open your notebook and choose! Simple as that!

Until the next post!

The Butterfly Girl