TV time: “The Good Place”

             Time to time I will write reviews about Television shows, movies or maybe even books… sometimes you could call them more like me expressing my thoughts than an actual review. So these will be reviews in the Butterfly style.   😀

             Today I want to write about the new NBC show “The Good Place” created by Michael Schur, starring Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper and others.


Eleanor (Kristen Bell) has just arrived in the Good place. She is welcomed by Michael (Ted Danson) and the neighbourhood. The only problem – she is not supposed to be there. Chidi (William Jackson Harper) begins to teach Eleanor how to be good, but she is struggling a lot.

             The first three episodes of the show have already aired, and I have to say – there is something that attracts your attention. I think, that it is the message that the show brings. The show is all about being good, being a good person and changing into one. I believe that the show is very good also for families with kids, because it teaches ethics, it teaches moral and more. Children can see what are the perks of being good and as we all know, nowadays a lot of kids learn from television. But I’m not saying that only kids can learn from this. Anyone in any age can. This show makes you think back to the moments in your life when you have been good or when you have done something bad. As well as episodes end with a button* or a cliffhanger which makes you want to see the next episode. That is definitely a beloved trick in the industry.

*Button – A TV writing term referring to a witty line that “tops off” a scene.

            I have been familiar with Kristen Bell and a little bit with Ted Danson before, but the rest of the cast is new to me. Kristen, as always, is amazing. She is truly a great actress (sorry if you don’t think so, but everyone has their own opinion). She brings Eleanor as a character to life very well, very believable. I can say the same thing about Ted, William  and other actors. I am looking forward to get to know them like I always do – stalking them on IMBD and other sites and watching movies where they have starred in. 

            The whole idea about the story and what this show is is very unusual. At least for me.. I don’t know other show about afterlife. (Maybe if I think hard and search.. maybe I can find.) I am not sure if as unusual story as this one is, it will be liked by a lot of people, but I belive the percentage of those people will be very small. But hey! I hope for the best to happen! I am the person to whom the story speaks to, the words get to, so I get attached very fast. Especially to tv shows, because it is my dream to someday star in a tv show, but that is another story… time to get back to the article. Some parts of the set are built outside, like the town square, which is so – so pretty!  Plus the fact that there are sets outside makes this show look more realistic and more pleasant to the eye to watch it. 

            So… I have just one thing left to say – This show is definitely worth watching. 🙂

            With this happy thought I am finishing my first review. I hope I did well and you enjoyed, and maybe I interested you into watching “The Good Place”. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts about the show. Also, I will leave the shows’ IMBD link below and a link to the trailer as well.

Until the next post!

The Butterfly Girl

“The Good Place” IMBD

“The Good Place” trailer

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