Everything Happens For a Reason…

…this is a motto I live by. A lot has happened to me, yet at the same time nothing. I have tried to climb up to reach my dreams, and yet I have fallen down. I have got up to my feet to move back up… and yet I fall again. Sometimes I ask: “Why? Why does that happen to me?”. That is a question I still don’t have a correct answer to. Let me give you a real example.. just this once. A few years ago, I wanted to join a Youth Theater. I was so excited and so happy to audition and the idea of being in the theater and acting made me so incredibly happy. I was so blindsided by my imagination that I didn’t see the signs. The signs only came together when it all ended. Taking wrong directions, trouble finding the place, the timing… those were the signs saying not to go. Not to go. But I was so blindsided, so stubborn that I didn’t care. I didn’t want to belive it. Until I didn’t get in. Of course I was so angry.. mostly at myself for believing. And sad. But I got over it very soon cause I knew that someday it will all come back to me with a vengeance. That everything that has not happened as I wanted will come back with a vengeance. That someday has not come. That someday takes forever to come. But I believe it will happen. I strongly believe that and there is nothing I can do. I don’t even know how? What do I do? But I am trying to do what I think could help.. even if the Universe is against it. So that is partly why I started this blog. I decided that I need a place where to put myself out. A place where to live my fantasies. A place where to share my happiness, and sometimes just to share what I think is important for both – me and you.

The Butterfly Girl


10 thoughts on “Everything Happens For a Reason…

  1. marlenelimgo says:

    Hi, I also believe that everything happens for a reason. More importantly, I believe that God is behind everything and the author of every reason and purpose in my life. The Bible teaches me that. The Bible shows us who God is.


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